FCC Indecency Standards: Conservative Sponsored Government Censorship

The only people hanging on to antiquated FCC indecency regulations are conservatives and their various “family” groups. The rest of us recognize this for what it is, government censorship. Everyone could point to something they dislike when it comes to big media companies, but that is not a reason to violate the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Government can regulate industries, but it should never stifle free speech.

Yahoo! – The Wrap — As other broadcasters urged the Federal Communications Commission to ease up on indecency regulations, Fox urged it to quit regulating broadcast indecency altogether.

“Fox urges the commission to conclude it is legally required and logically bound to cease attempting broadcast indecency limits once and for all,” Fox Entertainment Group and Fox Television Holdingssaid in a filing Wednesday.

“Time and technology have moved inexorably forward, but the commission’s untenable effort to define indecent content through a hodgepodge of inconsistent and uneven rulings remain stuck in a bygone era.”

The question is, will the Federal Communications Commission end it’s regulation of “indecency” on broadcast networks before these networks cease to exist? Because cable networks are not subject to these FCC standards. Most American homes have cable TV and internet access, offering an endless variety of explicit viewing material. Conservative family groups likely believe this unfiltered entertainment is tearing a hole in the moral fabric of America. But regardless of whether you agree with that, can you possibly make a case for censoring what amounts to five channels out of hundreds, particularly when that abridgment is in clear violation of the constitution?


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