Liberal Media Bias? Welcome to Reality. Or Would You Prefer ‘Truthiness’ Instead?

Stephen Colbert - photo by methodshop.comTo say there is a sizable liberal bias in the media is to show how far the conservative movement has dragged this country to the right in the past 30 years. I’m talking politically, not socially. The country is on a progressive liberal march as always when it comes to social issues. The issues conservatives rail against today will be the issues they defend tomorrow. If there is truth to the charge of liberal bias in the media it is because, as Stephen Colbert quipped, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” In other words, it is liberals who have led the charge when it comes to advancing human progress on social issues, so it stands to reason the mainstream media would also have a similar slant if the media stands for the truth and what’s right. Alternatively you could go with Colbert’s “truthiness” and only accept “facts” you wish to be true (from the gut) instead of facts that are true.

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