RNC – Paul Ryan’s Live Broadcast Attack Ad Against President Obama

Paul Ryan RNCPaul Ryan spent a lot of time talking smack last night during his Republican National Convention speech. He said President Obama has been all talk and no leadership, but Ryan offered nothing of substance to show how he and Mitt Romney would lead. Nothing. Just more “serious talk” from a “serious guy.” Really? Just because Ryan says we need to make hard decisions about things like Medicare, that means he knows what he’s talking about? That means a Romney administration will show leadership? I’m sorry, lead by example, not rhetoric. What is Paul Ryan’s record? He voted in favor of every single budget busting legislative initiative during George W. Bush’s presidency. This includes Bush tax cuts #1 and #2, Medicare Part D, TARP (financial bailout), and the two wars. Paul Ryan, Mr. Serious showed no leadership, he just fell inline with the rest of his fellow Republicans.

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