Photo Essay: Reason Rally 2012 – Photos Of A Great Day

The “Reason Rally” was promoted as the largest single gathering of secular people in the world – ever. As the day got closer it became clear (thanks to the always improving science of meteorology) that the weather would vary from raining hard to barely raining, with the ever-present threat of lightning all day. (Of course, the constant threat of lightning bolts is pretty much assumed at a gathering like this, right?!) The good news is, in spite of comedian Eddie Izzard’s taunting the sky gods to deliver some indication of their presence, no lightning (or even a distant rumble of thunder) ever came. And in spite of the rainy day that everyone knew was coming, an estimated 25,000 people still came. Just imagine how many more would’ve been there if it had been a continuation of the beautiful week of sun and upper-70’s that had preceeded it!

• • •