iPhone, Android contract costs on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile…and the people who choose to pay

I need to rant just bit on the obscene costs to own and operate a smartphone and before I start I’d like to say I’m not endorsing any specific company or product. This is simply one consumer who happens to think the cost of smartphones is ridiculous, whether it be an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone (should I even mention Blackberry?). If you want the latest and greatest smartphone typically you must pay at least $100 upfront, but sometimes $200 or higher for the phone and then lock yourself into a 2-year contract that will wind up costing you near $2000. Who does this? Apparently a lot of people. So far I refuse to take part in this ripoff. Yes, smartphones are great devices. They allow us to keep up with friends, find out the latest news, and search for anything – anywhere, but how is it that collectively as a society we’ve accepted the ever-increasing cost? Do most people believe that spending $70-$80-$90 (on the low side) a month for a smartphone is a good deal?

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