Stargate Universe Didn’t Know Its Own Destiny

Today Syfy announced that Stargate Universe has been cancelled after only two seasons.  Low ratings and numerous new upcoming scripted programs in 2011 are the reasons given for the cancellation.  I can’t exactly say this is a shock as I have been paying attention to the ratings, and they haven’t been good.  Right now Stargate Universe is in the mid-season break and will return with the back half of season two (all 10 episodes) in Spring 2011.  For the record I’ve been a fan of the Stargate franchise since the movie but especially the first two series, Stargate SG-1, which ran for 10 seasons and Stargate Atlantis, which ran for 5 seasons.  It’s unfortunate that there will be no Stargate episodes beyond the final 10 of Stargate Universe for the forseeable future, quite possibly forever.  Plus, the prospects of getting any more direct-to-DVD movies for the Stargate franchise seem to be slipping away as well.  It was definitely a good run and there are always reruns and DVDs available to get us back into the world of Stargate.

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