VIDEO: West Wing Cast Reunion: Walk and Talk the Vote

Nine cast members of “The West Wing” (NBC, 1999-2006) reunite for a four-minute mini episode titled “Walk and Talk the Vote.” The mini episode actually serves as an informational ad instructing voters about filling out the “non-partisan” section of their ballot, as well as a campaign ad for Bridget Mary McCormack who is running for Michigan Supreme Court. She is the sister of actress Mary McCormack, who was a West Wing cast member from 2004 through 2006.

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President Obama Stays on Kansas Ballot, and Birthers are F’n Delusional

In case you missed this one, for a brief time Kansas considered removing President Barack Obama from the ballot this election. Why? Because the birther craziness knows no end. I’m so glad a panel of Republicans “decided” to allow Obama to remain on the ballot in Kansas. Uh, there was no decision to be made. He is the president. He is running for a second term. He WILL be on the ballot you f’ers. — Am I the only one fuming over this nonsense?

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Know Your Voting Rights: Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote - photo by Ann DouglasVoting rights are under attack in America by a Republican Party that sees its odds of winning future elections hinge on the ability to suppress the minority vote. The country is growing increasingly diverse and by 2050 whites will no longer be in the majority. The Republican Party is going in the opposite direction. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now nearly unrecognizable. While the Republican Party should be able to recruit minorities with a conservative message, that message is overshadowed by a party that is hostile towards immigrants and people who they view as “different” or “foreign.” Just ask President Obama.

• • • founder Jeff Bezos pledges $2.5 million in support of same-sex marriage in Washington

Well this makes me feel good about the years of patronage I’ve given to Amazon. Billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of, has pledged $2.5 million in an effort to keep same-sex marriage legal in the state of Washington. Earlier this year Washington passed a law that legalized same-sex marriage but the law is being challenged and will be put on the ballot in November. This means the rights of a minority group will be put to a popular vote. It should be noted that same-sex marriage has failed every time it has been put to a popular vote in other states. This is why we should never put rights to a vote. Rights are not something that we decide. That’s why they are rights. Hmm, I hear Rachel Maddow’s voice in my head right now. Anyway, the $2.5 million pledge from Bezos doubles the amount of money that proponents of same-sex marriage have available to protect the rights of same-sex couples in Washington state. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s coming from a high-profile business owner.

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