Moderates Wake Up, Tea Party Republicans Are Not Conservatives, They Are Radical Anarchists

I really wish moderate conservatives could be honest with themselves and with the rest of us. I wish they could look past their ideology to see the people they support with their votes or their silence are not fellow conservatives. I’m talking about Tea Party Republicans who control the GOP and who are responsible for the government shutdown. These dissidents are no conservatives. They are radicals. I used to call them right-wing radicals but they are beyond left and right. In fact, some of them could be considered anarchists, at least when it comes to formal governing. They might still believe in an order of hierarchy along other avenues, like patriarchy, but when it comes to government, especially the federal government, they are partisan firebrand agitators worshiping at the altar of demagoguery and malcontent, while speaking the language of cynicism.

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