Pro-Gun Conservatives: Blame Liberal Hollywood

In the style of Bill Maher’s “New Rules” —

New Rule: If pro-gun conservatives are going to defend their materialistic rights by turning the blame game towards liberal Hollywood, then they must immediately stop watching all films and TV shows that depict violence.

Regardless of whether liberals would support creating a “gun” amendment to the constitution if one did not exist, I think most of us are cognizant of the fact that prohibition doesn’t work. We have a Second Amendment. Legal ownership of guns isn’t going anywhere.

The Supreme Court ruled a few years ago that every citizen has the right to own a gun for personal protection. But the Supreme Court also ruled that reasonable gun restrictions DO NOT violate the constitution. The Second Amendment is not absolute.

When there is a renewed call for greater restrictions on the types of guns and ammo that can be legally purchased by citizens, what we don’t need is a half-baked response by pro-gun conservatives, turning the blame towards liberal Hollywood.

If you are interested in constructive solutions, then you should know there is no single thing that can be blamed for America’s gun violence. And liberals need to be careful not fall into the blame-game trap as well as banning all assault weapons and extended magazines will not end a culture of gun violence in America. But at the same time, that is not a reason to take no action. Having reasonable restrictions on the sales of assault weaponry can be one cog in the wheel of a heuristic approach to curbing America’s gun violence.

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