Republican “Car-Crashing” Logic On Economic Growth And Increased Revenue

Republican logic on how to grow the economy and increase federal tax revenue, in three simple steps:

1. Cut taxes. Watch revenue increase.

2. Cut government spending. Watch economy grow.

3. Rinse and repeat.

Yes folks, that is Republican logic, and what marvelous logic it is. I wish everything worked as beautifully and conveniently as promising tax cuts on the guarantee that tax cuts always pay for themselves. That would be quite agreeable with me if only we could suspend logic and maybe even the laws of physics while we are at it.

And the idea that government spending hurts the economy — more sound logic I’m sure. And of course that means the reverse must be true — cut spending and you will unleash the economy.

Outside the bubble and far-removed from fairly tale land, there are real consequences to such flawed logic. As Rachel Maddow said tonight, “Focusing on the debt and the deficit to the exclusion of everything else is like arguing about the color you might paint your car while you are crashing that car into a tree.”

Everyone is in agreement that we still have much more work to do on the economy. Unemployment is still too high. Why the hell are we talking about spending cuts instead of more stimulus?


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