It’s Because of Al Gore

The thing I’ve never understood is why the average right-leaning, possibly Fox News watching citizen does not understand that the things we would do to combat climate change are good things to do anyway. They seem to be more worried about the fact that Al Gore is involved in some way then to stop and think about what the benefits would be. Why would we not want a cleaner, less polluted Earth? Why would we not want cleaner air to breathe? Do these climate change deniers ever stop to think what they are denying? They aren’t denying Al Gore some victory, they are denying themselves (and everyone else) a better planet on which to live.

I realize that not every denier will cite Al Gore as their reason for not believing climate change is real. But that is irrelevant to my main point. Al Gore is simply an example. Whatever the reason, my questions above still apply.

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  • Steve Schuler

    I’ve always had the same question! The only thing I ever hear is that getting cleaner air, water, etc., requires companies to take measures that would cost them more money than it costs to pollute everything. The implication being that it could put a company (or some number of workers at that company) out of business. So, we’re all supposed to go ahead and live in a polluted world so that we can keep a few more people employed that simply couldn’t find a job anywhere else and apparently are otherwise completely unskilled and unemployable. This is an ironic argument coming from the party that touts pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and eliminating government handouts and welfare, etc. This anti-clean stance is just the Republican’s version of welfare, but instead of costing us all a few tax dollars to support it, it’s costing us our health. Personally, I’d rather find the money for a few more dollars in taxes than give away some of my health and happiness. To say nothing of what it’s doing to the environment future generations will grow up in…. There’s more to life than money – ask any rich man in the hospital.

  • Indeed. It’s corporate welfare disguised as concern for the average worker. But there are some things more important then keeping certain companies and/or industries in business. Companies are temporary. The Earth is permanent. People are temporary and the human species could be too if we don’t stop what we are doing.

  • Tree Bagger

    CO2 is not pollution.

  • That might depend on your definition of “pollutant”.

    See this:

    But that is beside the point as CO2 is not the only thing released into the air when burning fossil fuels.