So You Want Your State To Secede From The United States?

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In case you missed it, after President Barack Obama won re-election last Tuesday, residents in a number of states filed and signed petitions asking for their respective states to be allowed to withdrawal from the United States of America. — I have a brief statement about talks of secession when an election doesn’t go your way.

So your guy lost the election, and now you are so distraught you have signed a petition asking for your state to be allowed to secede from the union. I gotta tell ya, talk of secession in the wake of the election results says a lot more about you then the current president or the state of the country. It tells me that you only believe in your narrow idea of what the United States of America should be. Your reaction to Barack Obama’s re-election shows us why we have such gridlock in Washington.

I ask you, have you considered how your state will protect itself from foreign threats? What will your form of government be? And if you are in a blue state, have you considered the fact that your state might be more liberal than the country? Just a few things you should have pondered before signing that petition in haste.

It’s interesting that some of the states represented by these secession petitions are states receiving FEMA assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Even more interesting is that many southern states have secession petitions when they are the biggest recipients of federal dollars. The red states are the welfare states.

So I have to ask you — Who is responsible for the divisiveness in this country? Who is responsible for the gridlock? Who is holding us back from real progress on issues like health care, energy and climate change? — Take a nice a long look in the mirror, and if you still feel the same — then don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Good day. / photo by saeru

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