When Republicans Are About To Lose, This Is What You Hear

Spin Cycle - photo by Andreanna Moya Photography

That sound you are hearing is the conservative political machine spinning up for a Mitt Romney loss on Tuesday. Karl Rove said Obama received a political advantage from Hurricane Sandy and former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said, “The hurricane is what broke Romney’s momentum.”

What you are witnessing is the formation of a narrative that Republicans will use when Romney loses this election. Republicans won’t reflect on their failings, but instead they will blame the October surprise named “Sandy” as the reason Obama won re-election. ‘You know, it’s a lot easier to blame a hurricane than your own ideas,” said E. J. Dionne.

Every time you feel a losing campaign, these three things happen. The first thing happens is, don’t believe — the public polls are wrong. That’s the first sign of a campaign that’s about to lose. The second thing is, we’re going to change the nature of the electorate, and you’re not seeing it reflected in the polls. And the third thing is, the only poll that counts is Election Day. When you hear those things, you know you’re about to lose. – Matt Dowd

Yes, this is a close election, and nobody can say for certain that Barack Obama will win re-election, but Republicans are already giving us signals that they know they are going to lose. But do not become complacent, not even for a moment. Get out there and vote on Tuesday. / photo by Andreanna Moya Photography

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