The Right’s Freak Out Over Chris Christie’s Praise Of President Obama

Governor Chris Christie - President Obama

The right-wing’s freak out over Chris Christie’s praise of President Obama represents the worst of American politics. You have a Republican governor, Christie, who faces massive devastation in his state as a result of Hurricane Sandy. You have a Democratic president, Obama, who offers prompt and effective federal assistance. Together, you have leaders who are doing their jobs to aid Americans affected by this natural disaster. Now add Chris Christie’s praise of President Obama for doing a good job and the result is right-wing insanity. — Conspiracy theories fly, and pundit spin goes into overdrive.

The truth is that all politicians consider the political ramifications of their actions, but the real people playing politics here are conservative talk show hosts and pundits. If you are “country first” instead of “party first” you would have no reason to freak out over Chris Christie’s praise of President Obama.

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