Liberal? Not Voting Obama? Thinking Of Voting Third Party?

Obama or Stein? - photo by Kevyn JacobsIf you are a liberal and you are not planning to vote for President Obama, I have two words for you: Supreme Court. If you are considering a vote for a third party presidential candidate like Jill Stein of the Green Party, or if you are thinking of not voting at all, I would like to remind you that the Supreme Court already leans conservative 5 to 4.

On the issue of abortion, the current Supreme Court would lean 5 to 4 in support of a woman’s right to choose. But what would happen if Mitt Romney is elected president and appoints one or two conservative justices? Abortion is not the biggest issue this country faces, but that doesn’t mean defending Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose is trivial. If the high court were to become even more conservative than it is now, that ruling is likely to be overturned.

What other rulings could we expect with an ultra-conservative Supreme Court? If Mitt Romney becomes president, a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage is certainly a possibility, particularly if Republicans were to take full control of congress. With an ultra-conservative Supreme Court, a ban on same-sex marriage would certainly be upheld.

Look, I empathize with your belief in expanding our political system beyond two parties. Hell, my political views are most closely aligned with Green Party candidate Jill Stein. And for a long time now I’ve said there should be no political parties. I think political parties create divisions where there might otherwise be none. But I’ve recently decided that the issues are too important to get caught up in trying to perfect the system.

For liberals, there are potentially big consequences in allowing an increasingly extreme Republican Party to once again control the executive branch. Until the Republican Party finds a way to tamp down the extreme fringe that has taken over the party, we need to do what’s necessary to elect Democratic candidates. It’s for this reason that I’ve given up the idea of getting rid of the political parties and instead believe in the idea of reform from within. Make no mistake, the Democratic Party is far from perfect, but it’s the closest thing we have to a big tent party in this country.

So if you are a liberal, and you recognize the United States Supreme Court wields tremendous power over the country, please remember that when you “vote your conscience” next week. / photo by Kevyn Jacobs

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  • jrnewk

    As a voter in California it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that our electoral votes are going to Obama (who I support 100%) but I’d also like to see a 3rd party some day soon. So my question would be, if I as a Californian vote for Gary Johnson would I be helping the push for a 3rd party while at the same time not hurting Obama’s chances?

    • It is true that my message is largely directed at so-called “battleground” states because that’s where a third party vote could have an impact on the election. And yes, I would like for all liberals to vote for Obama instead of any of the third party candidates, but each person will need to make up their own mind. I’m just offering my reasoning for why I think liberals need to be realistic about what is and isn’t possible with our political system, and the consequences of trying to change the system with a third party candidate vote. I’ve decided it’s more constructive to try to shape the parties instead of adding more parties (or doing away with them). I mean, just look at how the conservative movement and in more recent years, the Tea Party, have shaped the Republican Party. Liberals can do the same with the Democratic Party, and hell, why not with the Republican Party too?

      • jrnewk

        Thanks David. Yes, I agree 100% that if you’re in a battleground state you should not be voting for a 3rd party candidate since the consequences could be that the “worse of two evils” could be elected. If the U.S. adopted an “alternative vote” system would that not eliminate this problem? Probably won’t ever happen but just like my wish for a 3rd party, maybe it could some day…

  • Kevyn Jacobs

    Anyone who votes for Obama has blood on their hands. Obama is a War Criminal, who continues to kill innocents with his flying killer robots and continued warmongering, and frankly, any Progressive or Liberal who votes for Obama reveals themselves as a pro-war hypocrite.
    Justify and rationalize your voting decision all you want with the Supreme Court, LGBT rights, womens’ reproductive rights, etc., that doesn’t change the fact that Obama Voters are morally culpable for putting an evil killer back in office.
    Don’t support the Purple Party. Vote Green.

    • Let’s be pragmatic here for just a moment. You and I both know Jill Stein (or any other third-party candidate) will not win the election. So now that we’ve cleared that up, that leaves Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. There is no reason to believe Mitt Romney would approach foreign policy and national security much differently than Barack Obama, and that means a likely continuation of drone strikes. Therefore, of the only two candidates who actually can win this election, there is no daylight between them on this issue. Hence I’m voting on other issues. But let’s be clear, while I’m not going to take it as far as you and call Obama a war criminal, yes, I do have moral issues with his use of drone strikes.

      • Kevyn Jacobs

        And that is why you have blood on your hands.