Romney Supporters, What Does Your Candidate Stand For?

Mitt Romney sign - photo by Gage Skidmore

Romney supporters, what exactly are you voting for? Can you tell me what your candidate stands for?

On just about any important issue you can find Romney on all sides, including sides that don’t exist yet. Romney represents the very worst of politics. He is an empty suit. He will say whatever he believes needs to be said to get elected. I know you think all politicians do this, but Romney takes pandering and lying into uncharted political territory.

The Romney campaign says it won’t allow fact-checkers to dictate their campaign, and well, it shows. They are unconcerned with facts because they know most people will not verify them. They know most people only want their biases confirmed.

Please tell me it’s not true that you are overlooking all of this simply to defeat Obama. Are you really willing to vote into office a blank slate etch-a-sketch candidate who could be liberal, like Obama, or conservative, like the Tea Party, depending on what he believes will win him the next election? Because that is Mitt Romney. / photo by Gage Skidmore

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