VIDEO: Hardball with Chris Matthews: Woman Calls Obama A Communist

On Hardball, hours before the vice presidential debate, a woman tells Chris Matthews that President Obama is a communist. I can’t help but think this woman might show more clarity of thought if instead of right-wing propaganda, she was under the influence of drugs:

That’s a product of Fox News and right-wing media folks. Or as an anonymous Youtube commenter put it:

I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that.

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  • Steve

    HA! Yeah, someone who knew what communism & socialism were but was heavily intoxicated would definitely make a better argument than this woman! And like you said, this is a direct result of the right-wing media.

  • Krys

    Clearly, no one in this country knows the difference between communism, socialism, and the desire to meet basic human needs. Even this woman herself doesn’t know what she means – or she does, but she’s too embarrassed to say what she means. Either way, I wouldn’t even have given her the opportunity to “defend” herself. She’s an idiot and he should have just focused on people who actually have something constructive to say.