The Remarkably Sheltered Presidential Candidacy of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney podium - photo by Gage Skidmore

Mitt Romney’s candidacy is remarkably sheltered for someone looking to become Commander-in-Chief.

All politicians attempt to avoid putting themselves in situations where they will be asked uncomfortable or confrontational questions, especially from people they perceive as political foes. But usually presidential candidates recognize that it’s necessary to face the “tough” questions if they want to be the Commander-in-Chief. Not Mitt Romney. His candidacy has been remarkably sheltered, doing the bare minimum when it comes to sit-down interviews, particularly in locations less friendly than Fox News. And remember the tax return nonsense? Ann Romney said they won’t release more tax returns because it will only lead to more attacks. So less transparency is better than risking political attacks?

Apparently Late Show host David Letterman has taken notice to this trend, and although it is for purely self-serving interests (his show), Letterman called out Romney. On Friday’s Late Show, Letterman humorously instructed his audience not to vote for Romney unless he appears on the Late Show. Hey, it might be self-serving, but it also serves to highlight the remarkably sheltered presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney. / photo by Gage Skidmore

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