Poll Truthers: The Paranoid Delusions Of The Right

Why is everything a conspiracy to conservatives? Now the new paranoid delusion of the right is coming from “poll truthers.” It’s a segment of the right that believes the polls are rigged against Mitt Romney, or are sympathetic to the idea.

It seems there are some conservatives for which reality is too painful, so they need to invent a bogeyman who exists only in their warped alternative reality. You know, like the idea that Barack Obama is a secret manchurian candidate who was groomed from birth to become the socialist Kenyan President of the United States. Or the idea that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a secret way for government bureaucrats to get between you and your doctor, oh, and to kill grandma. Now we have the latest in conspiracies from the conservative bubble: The idea that the presidential polls are rigged against Mitt Romney and it’s a secret plot by the liberal media to get President Obama re-elected. Fox News has given this latest conspiracy ample air time.

At least we can take comfort knowing not everyone on the right is infected by these conservative delusions. New Jersey governor Chris Christie said on This Week, “[D]o I think there’s a concerted effort to skew the polls against Gov. Romney? No, I don’t buy that.” You know most Republicans in Washington probably don’t buy it either but none of them have the spine to admit it. Hey, if it helps get Mitt Romney elected, anything goes.

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