Which Candidate Is Winning The 2012 Left Call Bumper Sticker Poll?

Republicans for Voldemort - photo by Andres MustaThe Left Call is actively conducting an unscientific “bumper sticker poll” as part of our election 2012 coverage. So what is the Left Call Bumper Sticker Poll? It’s simple actually — I determine who is leading this election by the number of bumper stickers I see on cars. Whether it’s “Obama – Biden”, “Mitt Romney – Believe In America”, “Obama 2012” or “Romney – Ryan” — I count it and file it away in my cranial data banks for later retrieval and analysis.

So who is leading the unofficial Left Call Bumper Sticker Poll?

Drum roll please.

The current leader of the Bumper Sticker Poll is…

Obama – Biden 2008

Wait, that must be a mistake. Hmm, who is the runner-up then?…

McCain – Palin

Crap, something has gone horribly wrong!

Could it really be true that there are more 2008 presidential bumper stickers taxiing around town than 2012 bumper stickers? I’m afraid the data doesn’t lie folks. At least in my part of town in southeast Pennsylvania, I’m still seeing more 2008 bumper stickers than 2012. If I exclude 2008 bumper stickers, Obama 2012 wins by a large margin because I rarely see “Mitt Romney” or “Romney – Ryan” bumper stickers.

Remember folks, this is an unscientific poll. Please, no wagering. / photo by Andres Musta

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  • Steve

    I would agree that similar results are here in Delaware. However, I have been seeing about an equal number of 2012 Romney/Obama yard signs for both candidates springing up around town… (And we’re a Democratic state.)

    • Yard signs are a different indicator altogether. It would be really depressing if people still had 2008 campaign signs staked on their front lawns. Those should relegated to backyard junk piles by now. 🙂

  • d55may

    Maybe that’s because Romney/Ryan supporters cars are keyed when they put on the stickers, so they don’t use them, idiots.

    • I’m fairly certain you have zero evidence that this vandalism is any more likely left or right.