In GOP we do not trust

I can’t quite figure out Republicans, or more specifically, the conservative right in this country. From the go I’m at odds with them over things like religion, guns, sex, and that’s before you even get into specific policies. So, I really don’t understand how the conservative brain works, but it seems to me that at least a subset of the conservative right, maybe larger than I care to acknowledge, is never satisfied with the facts. They always question the motivation of the experts on a given topic like climate change, the environment or even health care. Skepticism is fine and we should never stop questioning the accuracy of facts or even the motivation of the people who deliver the facts whether it’s a scientist or a journalist. But the problem with this subset of the conservative right is that they believe they already know the answer, and that is why they do not accept facts from experts.

They aren’t skeptics, they are denialists.

They reject facts because the facts do not comport with their idea of how the world works. To be fair, all human beings are guilty of this at times, but this seems to be the model from which the conservative brain operates 24/7. I believe Fox News and other conservative media outlets prey on this subset of the conservative right. They know how to push their buttons.

And so that brings us to one of the topics Ana Marie Cox covers in her Guardian piece (see below) titled, (“In GOP we do not trust”). The topic is election polls, and a growing distrust on the right about the accuracy of these polls. They think many of the polls are skewed in favor of Barack Obama and they believe it is a result of liberal media bias. To “fix” this problem, there now is a site called which seems to be perfectly modeled to appease the conspiracy laden conservative mind. The result of gerrymandering polls to fit with pre-existing thought processes is that Romney leads Obama in every single poll by at least 3 points and sometimes as much as 11 (as of the latest gerrymandered polls).

The conservative brain is a remarkable thing to behold. / dks


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