Reason Blog Questions Bill Maher’s Support of Obama

So if we are to believe this bit of logic from the Reason Magazine blog (Hit & Run), it would require Bill Maher to be a one-issue voter. So Bill Maher must be a hypocrite because he says he wants the war on drugs to end while supporting a candidate who does not share that view? In fact, Maher should throw every other issue out the window and back either Gary Johnson or Ron Paul (write-in) for president? — 1. What a hell of a way to put someone in a box. 2. Very smooth slipping in a mention of the libertarian candidates (who have zero chance).

So is Maher not allowed to support Obama when it comes to other issues? Does marijuana legalization and an end to the war on drugs trump everything else?

I support legalization and I too would like to see the war on drugs put to rest, but that doesn’t mean I can no longer support President Obama. It’s lazy to pigeonhole Maher (or anyone) in this manner.

Reason Magazine
Posted at 8:30 PM September 24, 2012 on Facebook

Bill Maher is free to do what he likes with his own money, but this interview with the director of the new anti-drug war documentary “The House I Live In” makes Maher’s $1 million donation to the Barack Obama reelection campaign all the more infuriating. Here we have a public figure who cares passionately about drug policy, saying it is a serious issue. But once again, he doesn’t care *quite* enough to support Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul, or not vote at all; anything that wouldn’t fund the policies Maher claims to despise.

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