Boehner Shows Us Why We Need To Go “Off The Cliff”

House Speaker John Boehner - photo by Talk Radio News ServiceHouse Speaker John Boehner said Friday morning that even if President Obama is reelected, Republicans will still refuse to allow taxes to increase on the wealthy.

At a press conference Friday morning, a reporter asked Boehner whether Republicans were “eventually going to have to raise taxes in some way” if the president wins in November.

“No,” replied Boehner. “Raising taxes, according to Ernst and Young, would threaten our economy with a loss of 700,000 jobs. Now why would I ever be for something like that? I’m not.” – John Boehner: GOP Won’t Agree To Raise Taxes On Wealthy, Even If Obama Wins Reelection

Of course he failed to mention that it’s out of their control. Well, at least it could be if Democratic members of congress have the courage to go “off the cliff.” The so-called “fiscal cliff” is when the Bush tax cuts expire and automatic spending cuts are triggered at the end of the year. If a deal is not struck before then, we will go off the figurative “fiscal cliff.” Sounds bad, right? Well, it’s not really as bad as it seems because once that happens, all taxes go up, but here’s the key part: Republicans will then be in a position to vote to lower taxes (except for the top earners), something they are likely to do in that scenario. Congress could also pass retroactive bills to reverse the spending cuts. So we would only briefly go off the cliff, only to be rescued by a parachute before hitting the ground below.

Yeah I know, it’s really stupid. But these are the kinds of games we are forced to play with people’s lives because of a Republican Party that has no problem holding the entire country hostage to get its way. / photo by Talk Radio News Service


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