President Obama Stays on Kansas Ballot, and Birthers are F’n Delusional

In case you missed this one, for a brief time Kansas considered removing President Barack Obama from the ballot this election. Why? Because the birther craziness knows no end. I’m so glad a panel of Republicans “decided” to allow Obama to remain on the ballot in Kansas. Uh, there was no decision to be made. He is the president. He is running for a second term. He WILL be on the ballot you f’ers. — Am I the only one fuming over this nonsense?

If you think the birther absurdity is only a fringe element of the Right, that one of the 50 states would even entertain the idea of removing Obama from the ballot, for a even a moment – let alone a few days, should make you think otherwise. And it’s not just one state, I believe both Colorado and Arizona have publicly toyed with the idea of removing Obama from the ballot earlier this summer. We are talking about the President of the United States. WTF?

There are a lot of people in this country who need to get their head examined. I know that sounds like a cheap shot, but sometimes you just throw your arms up in the air because you no longer can come up with anything else to say to try to make sense of it. There’s only so much that can be said in response to crazy, irrational behavior that keeps repeating over and over within a certain political coalition. And the power players in that coalition, based on a political calculation, do NOTHING to stop it. So the majority of rational people in this country are left to seethe in disbelief. — That is, the ones who are paying attention.

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