A more perfect Union does not exist in the past

It is only a rose-colored past where one can find a “more perfect Union.” Things are not worse; we are just more aware.

To hear conservatives talk you would think our better days are behind us. They want to return to an idyllic 1950s America that never existed. They long for an America that can only be found in Hollywood movies. When conservatives say “I want my country back,” what they are saying is I want my childhood back. That idyllic time they wish to return to existed in the mind of a child. And it’s funny that the people who say “I want my country back” tend to be older white people. I think there is a good chance many older African-Americans, while possibly having fond memories of childhood experiences, do not wish to take the country back to a time of less equality.

Conservatives want “their” country back. I want “our” country forward.


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