War in Afghanistan not “important” enough for Romney convention speech

Mitt Romney - photo by Dave LawrenceJust as Mitt Romney managed to get his head out of his ass (or maybe reports of this are premature?), he proceeded to ram his foot in his mouth. Friday on Fox News, Bret Baier asked Romney about neglecting to mention the troops or the war in Afghanistan during his Republican National Convention speech. Romney replied, “I’m going to regret you repeating it day in and day out. — nervous Romney laughter — No. When you, when you give a speech, you don’t go through a laundry list, you talk about the things you think are important.” — Whoops.

OK, it’s safe to say Romney believes the war and the troops are important, but obviously he did omit them from his speech, so this slip-up on Fox News of all places certainly didn’t help him to get past this issue. I mean, it’s over a week later and even Fox News is still asking Romney about this.

This brings up an interesting question: How did Republicans fall so far, so fast on issues of national security, war and the troops? Democrats seem to have a clear advantage lately on these issues. Just one more reason why the George W. Bush presidency helped destroy the Republican brand. Although, in all fairness to President Bush, Republicans were already doing a good job destroying their brand long before he took office.

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