Republicans Use “Bill O’Reilly” Logic On Taxation

Republicans and conservatives have this idea that until government stops wasting money, they aren’t going to pay anymore in taxes. Since when did people get the idea that they have a line-item veto when it comes to their tax dollars? This is an argument used to deflect away from their real position; they simply don’t want to pay more taxes. So why do the feel the need to clarify it with an illogical excuse?

Bill O’Reilly has regularly used this logic on taxation. I’ve heard him say he would be willing to pay more taxes if he knew it was going to be used for something he supports, and isn’t wasted. I have news for O’Reilly and his fellow conservatives, nobody likes to pay taxes and nobody wants to pay more taxes. On top of that, every person in this country could find something they don’t want their tax dollars used for. I know I don’t want my tax dollars used to build tanks and cruise missiles. Others might object to their tax dollars being used to fund the drug war (I’m in this camp as well). But you know what? Citizens don’t get a line-item veto. We elect the officials who make the laws. If we don’t like the laws, we can elect new officials. But we all pay our taxes, and sometimes those taxes need to be increased. And if that is what needs to happen to cut the federal deficit then so be it.

People need to stop being so damn selfish and they need to stop using bullshit excuses like Bill O’Reilly. Paying taxes is a reality of a civilized society and some people need to suck it up, stop whining, and learn how to be an adult.

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