Eric Fehrnstrom and Republicans want Bad News on Jobs

Mitt Romney can say he wished Obama had succeeded and Republicans can say they wish the economy was better for Americans, but the reality is that they not-so-silently want the economy to be weak going into election day. Republicans not only will do nothing to improve the economy once they are in office, they want a bad economy now if it will improve their chances of getting into office. On CNN’s State of the Union, Romney campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said:

I think the biggest news next week will not be the three nights of the DNC but it will be on Friday…We’re all hoping for good news but the odds are high that the unemployment rate will remain above 8 percent. – Eric Fehrnstrom

Sure, he inserted the obligatory “we’re all hoping for good news” but you know Republicans are not-so-secretly hoping for bad news. Fehrnstrom’s job is to get Mitt Romney elected, and if bad economic news is required to make that happen, you know he welcomes it. This was not a statement made by someone hoping for good news.

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