VIDEO: Al Gore Supports Replacing Electoral College with Popular Vote

During Thursday’s Republican National Convention coverage on Current TV, former vice president and former presidential candidate Al Gore said he supports getting rid of the Electoral College in favor of a simple popular vote.

Some might say Gore supports the popular vote over the Electoral College because he lost the 2000 election even though he won the popular vote. But as Gore says himself, he still supported the Electoral College even after his loss. Many think it’s time to do away with the Electoral College, and I am one of them.

Watch the Current TV segment:

When a presidential election comes down to only a few key swing states, there is something wrong with the election system. All states should matter. All votes should matter. The problem with the Electoral College is that in states that are guaranteed to vote Republican or Democratic, there is no incentive for people to vote. What you are left with are the die-hard voters, who always show up to vote each election. Everyone else is left feeling disenfranchised, so why bother voting?

I think three things need to happen. 1. More early voting options. 2. Make election day a national holiday. 3. Do away with the Electoral College. That third one will take a constitutional amendment, so it’s the hardest to obtain of the three changes I propose, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I think these three things would lead to higher turnout and a more equitable election system.

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