The “Liberal” Media Reaction to Paul Ryan’s Dishonest RNC Speech

Paul Ryan delivered a fact-challenged speech last night and today the media is calling him out. Conservatives call this “liberal media bias,” and it’s oh so convenient. It gives them cover to say whatever stupid shit comes to mind. Are you a conservative who has said something stupid, ignorant or factually inaccurate? Don’t correct yourself or apologize, simply blame the liberal media. Problem solved.

This might work within the conservative bubble, but I’d like to think it’s not a formula for winning over the few remaining undecided voters. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe lies and distortion is exactly what those undecided voters want. Maybe they just want someone to tell them sweet little lies. Maybe the truth conflicts with what they want to believe. Maybe they just want someone to reinforce a pre-existing narrative. — All of this is true of the conservative base, but I really hope it’s not true for anyone outside the conservative bubble.

But maybe Ryan said exactly what they wanted to hear. It’s a scary thought, but it’s possible. This is even more reason for all Democrats and liberals to vote in November. Even if you are disappointed in Barack Obama, please consider the alternative. Go watch Paul Ryan’s speech. Watch Mitt Romney’s speech tonight. Tell me if you are disappointed enough in Barack Obama that you think it doesn’t matter. Tell me you think America will be better off with a Romney administration over an Obama administration. If you cannot honestly say that, then you need to vote.

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