Texas Voter ID Law Blocked By Federal Appeals Court

Texas flag on capitol domeFinally some good news on the effort to stop Republican voter suppression. Today a federal court of appeals blocked the Texas voter ID law saying it would disenfranchise the poor. Texas cannot implement their discriminatory voter ID law unless today’s ruling is overturned by the Supreme Court. While Texas is not a swing state and is a lock for Mitt Romney in November, this is still a nice victory for everyone who believes in a fair election system.

If Republicans want to win elections, they will need to win the votes, not suppress them. If the Republican Party finds that it has marginalized itself in an increasingly diverse country, they need to learn to adapt and appeal to the minority vote. The current Republican tactic of implementing voter suppression laws is only going to delay the inevitable, if it even does that. If the Republican Party continues to be the party of white conservatives they will continue to shrink in size, along with the votes they receive. / photo by Jon Wiley

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