House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: Election is ‘Mandate’ to Overhaul Medicare

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)House Republican Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says electing Mitt Romney this fall means Republicans have a ‘mandate’ to overhaul Medicare. As McCarthy put it, “If there’s a mandate going through this election, it’s to save Medicare.” As I put it: When Republicans say “save Medicare” they mean end Medicare as we know it. They would keep a government program called Medicare but it would not be the Medicare that has existed for almost half a century. The Republican plan for Medicare is to turn it into a program designed to shortchange seniors while increasing profits for private insurance companies.

We have a single payer health care insurance program that works very well for senior citizens. We don’t need to hand Medicare over to private insurance. Republicans can continue to blame Democrats for doing nothing to “save Medicare” but Republicans are the “kill Medicare” party and they have been for decades. If you like Medicare the way it has worked for nearly 50 years, please remember that elections do matter. It does matter who you vote for. Do not give Republicans a “mandate” on anything, especially not Medicare. / photo by Talk Radio News Service

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