Andrew Sullivan on Colbert Report: ‘Bigotry’ and ‘Fanaticism’ have taken over Republican Party

Conservative Daily Beast columnist Andrew Sullivan visited The Colbert Report on Tuesday and said the following about President Obama, gay rights, and the Republican Party:

Andrew Sullivan - The Daily BeastA lot of gay people are in for him [Obama], not all, but a lot are in – because he actually is the most important president in the history of our [gay and lesbian] civil rights. and I’m grateful for that. And I believe that allowing two men or two women to marry is a conservative idea. It fosters responsibility, mutual care — all those values that conservatives say they believe in, and I still believe in those values, and I don’t believe in bigotry and fanaticism that has taken over this [Republican] party, and I hope that defeating them this time might break that fever and bring conservatism back to the center, where we need it. – Andrew Sullivan on The Colbert Report, 08-28-2012

/ photo by Trey Ratcliff

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