Passion: Photography

I find that I tend to get intensely focused on a given passion/hobby for a period of time until I exhaust myself and move to the next passion.  But what I’ve found out over the past 10 years is that there are common themes among the hobbies I choose.  Those common themes are art and media.  It’s safe to say that if it involves multimedia and computers I’m interested in it.  The two main passions I’ve been bouncing between lately is music and photography.  However, I’ve also dabbled with videography in the early part of that 10 year period and who knows, I just might revisit that too.  Right now the intense focus is indeed photography.  So much so that I’ve spend much of my free time over the past few weeks either taking photos, studying photos from others and oh yeah, setting up my own photography website called Timid Sky.  As of this posting I’ve got 27 photos uploaded to the portfolio, 6 of which are featured on the photoblog.  Out of my entire collection of over 5000 photos taken to date I probably have another dozen or so that I feel are worthy of presenting to the world.  I’ve got a trip to the outer banks coming up in a couple of months where I hope to take some more great photos plus I’ve got some other interesting photo ideas I’ll be experimenting with over the coming weeks.  If you are interested in photography or if you just enjoy art photography, please head on over to Timid Sky when you have a chance.