It Begins!…Indiscriminate Ruminations

I figured it was about time I created a personal website and blog.  What do I have to say? What will this blog be about?  Well, as you probably can extrapolate from the name of this blog, it’s not going to be about anything in particular.  I might post about a project I’m working on at home, at work, something new I’m  interested in,  a book I’m reading, or anything else I can’t think of at this time.  Right now I don’t know  if this will happen frequently (daily) or less frequently (weekly…).  I’m sure I’ll get a better feel for how much I have to say on this blog as time goes on.

So, let me take a little  time to thank you for visiting my new blog.  Hopefully you will have a reason to continue to return from time to time to see what I’m up to.

Site Announcements