Republican Rank Hypocrisy on Issues of Personal Freedom and Liberty

Have you ever noticed how often the Republican Party attempts to trample freedom and liberty? They say they are the defenders of freedom and liberty but the Republican Party, if left unchecked, appears hell-bent on passing laws that discriminate against millions of Americans.

I’m talking about gay rights, and specifically same-sex marriage, or the right for a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body. I’m also talking about immigrants, documented or undocumented. They are human beings, but to hear the rhetoric of some Republicans on this issue, you might believe they were talking about a pest problem and not people looking for a better life. As for gays and lesbians, well, there are some members of the Republican Party who think the solution to that “problem” is prayer. We can just pray the gay away. Just ask Michele Bachmann.

There might be a lot of generalizing in what I’ve just said, but it’s deserved because the Republican leadership does nothing about the rank hypocrisy and bigoted discrimination in their party. And it seems to be increasing, not diminishing with time. The Republican Party is increasingly marginalized when it caters to it’s fringe elements. Just look at the new GOP platform draft that denies women the ability to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. This is not the party of freedom and liberty, it is the party of backwards thinking. It is the party that believes progress stopped in a 1950s that never actually existed. It is the party that believes in a rule of societal authority where white men are at the top of the order. It is the party that preaches small government while attempting to monitor what people do in their bedrooms.

I like you guys that want to reduce the size of government, make it just small enough so it can fit in our bedrooms. – Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), The West Wing

And Republicans are the party of “I want my country back.”

There is no time in the past that is better for the sum of all citizens. We march forward. We improve society. We strive for a more equal society. Some have rose-colored glasses when looking back, but the past was a very ugly place for a lot of Americans. We will improve life for all Americans by looking forward.


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