I agree with George H.W. Bush: Who the hell is Grover Norquist?

Grover Norquist, the “tax pledge” guy, called former president George H.W. Bush a liar this morning on This Week. “When George Herbert Walker Bush ran for president, he promised the American people he wouldn’t raise their taxes,” said Norquist. “He lied to them. He broke his commitment to them and they threw him out of office four years later.” For some history here, Bush famously said “read my lips – no new taxes” during his run for president in 1988.

I really wish the “news” programs would stop giving Norquist air time. Other than being the architect of the Republican “tax pledge,” why is Norquist relevant to any important conversation on policy?

As for his remarks about former president Bush, he can show a little more respect. Bush didn’t lie. He got into office and the circumstance changed. I want a leader who adapts to the circumstance not a leader who hangs himself and the country by the noose of a pledge (or a campaign promise). George H.W. Bush was elected president and it turned out circumstances didn’t allow him to keep a campaign promise. Oh well. Get over it. It’s not a lie. So yeah, I agree with former president Bush on this one, “who the hell is Grover Norquist anyway?”

Well I’ll tell you. Norquist is a blowhard and he’s not concerned with a fiscally sound future, he’s just another greedy white guy looking to protect his greedy white guy friends. Norquist represents a lot of what is wrong in our country and his approach to taxes is not fiscally sound or fiscally conservative. Since when did being a fiscal conservative turn into being reckless with tax policy? That’s Grover Norquist.


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