A Letter to Liberals and Democrats Who Didn’t Vote in 2010

If you are a liberal or a Democrat and you didn’t vote in the 2010 midterm election then you only have yourself to blame if you are concerned about all the new voter ID laws that have passed in Republican controlled states. According to the Melissa Harris-Perry show and the Brennan Center for Justice, at least 180 bills were introduced in 41 states to restrict voting rights since the beginning of 2011.

You think your vote doesn’t matter? You think President Obama hasn’t lived up to the “Change We Can Believe In” hype? You think elections are a waste of time or it doesn’t matter who wins because they are all corrupt? Well I have news for you, elections do matter, and the voter suppression efforts by the Republicans voted into office in 2010 is proof. You think if Democrats had control of these states that we would be talking about voter suppression? The fact that you stayed home in 2010 and allowed Republicans to take control of state legislatures and governorships is why we are facing voter ID laws that could result in millions of Americans losing the ability to vote this election. Go ahead, be mad at Republicans and conservatives who are passing these voter suppression laws. But reserve some of that anger and redirect it at yourself, because you are at least partly to blame for allowing your vote to be suppressed as well.

But you can help remedy this situation by making sure you show up to cast your vote this November 6th. Do not give Republicans, who say “government is the problem,” the ability to not only get  into office and prove it, but to also make -you- believe government can’t work. If you think your vote doesn’t matter, you are fulfilling someone else’s wishes (to paraphrase Rachel Maddow).

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