Nicole Austin-Hillery: Voting In This Country Is A Right

Voting in this country is a right, and we should never allow it to be compared to things that are not rights (in the context of the voter ID law debate). We all know this, well at least those of us who value equal rights. The following quote is an excellent statement on the right to vote in America. It comes from Nicole Austin-Hillery (Director of the Brennan Center D.C. Office) on Saturday’s Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC.

Nicole Austin-Hillery - Director of the Brennan Center D.C. OfficeVoting in this country is a right. It is not a privilege, as is getting on a plane, or going to an R-rated movie, or going to do anything in this country where you have to show an ID. It is a fundamental right. — The history in this country has been about expanding the right to vote. It has not been about decreasing that right for Americans. So to put any kind of barrier in place that’s going to make it more difficult, particularly when there’s really no valid reason to do so, it’s nonsensical, and it really goes against the grain of our democracy. – Nicole Austin-Hillery

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