Paul Ryan is NOT a fiscal conservative

If you vote for massive spending increases (Medicare Part D) without corresponding revenue increases, you are not a fiscal conservative.

If you call for or vote for lower taxes, particularly for the rich, when you know it will lead to higher deficits, you are not a fiscal conservative.

If you call for spending cuts for the poor to at least partially make up the difference for your irresponsible tax cuts, you are not a fiscal conservative.

If you vote to authorize an unfunded and unjustified war of choice (Iraq), you are not a fiscal conservative.

All of the things I mention above are not tenants of fiscal conservatism, they are examples of being fiscally reckless. And I’ve pointed this out in the past, but it needed repeating again now that Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) is Mitt Romney’s VP pick.

“During the Bush-Cheney era,” said Rachel Maddow on Tuesday’s The Rachel Maddow Show, “Mr. Ryan, as a member of Congress, voted for all the things in the George W. Bush era that cost a lot of money and that were not paid for at all: Two massive tax breaks, two wars, the Medicare Part D expansion which cost hundreds of billions of dollars, [and] the Wall Street bailout.” – The media myth of Paul Ryan, fiscal conservative

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