Romney’s Choice of Paul Ryan as VP Sends a Clear Message

Romney and Ryan - The RomneYAN CandidacyMitt Romney’s selection of Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) sends a clear message to:

1. The poor and disenfranchised
A Romney presidency will have no patience for the poor. Expect tough love from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan when they slash spending for the poor while cutting taxes for the rich. Or as President Obama called it: Romney Hood. In a Romney administration, you are expected to put down your food stamps and get yourself a non-existent job.

2. The middle class
If you are under the age of 55 and you are struggling to stay above water, Romney-Ryan say “No Medicare for you when you turn 65.” Oh sure, they will still call it Medicare and they will send you a coupon to go buy insurance on the private (for-profit) insurance market, but it’s value could be half (or less) of existing Medicare benefits. Now go see #1.

3. Not white people
As if it wasn’t clear before, Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan for VP seals the Republican message to minorities: The Republican Party does not have your back and they do not expect your vote in November. Because of that, they have doubled down on what they know best: white guys.

If you believe in a tough love approach where you intentionally harm the poor and people who are struggling to survive, then vote Romney (Hood) in November.

If you believe in compassion and you have empathy for the plight of others, and you believe a government by the people should extend a hand to all people when they need it, then vote Obama (Cares) in November. / image by Mario Piperni

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