Ban Chick-fil-A because of your morals?

Do you think banning Chick-fil-A from building restaurants in your town is ok if you are morally opposed to CEO Dan Cathy’s intolerance?

If you can ban strip clubs and porn from video rental stores because of your morals, I can totally ban Chick-fil-a from my town as being against my morals. – Dustin_00 on Reddit

Is this really the correct response? Do we really want to stoop to the same level as Dan Cathy in response to his anti-gay stance? Several mayors responded in this manner and while they are well-intentioned, their response is definitely an example of government overreach and if they acted on it, a violation of the First Amendment.

There is no need to overreact. Simply voice your morals with your wallet. Don’t give Chick-fil-A a dime of your money. Encourage others to do the same and explain why it’s important that we stop supporting companies and institutions that advocate intolerance. That is the appropriate response, nothing more.

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