VIDEO: Record heat? Derecho storms? “Welcome to the Rest of Our Lives”

The level of rationalization going on in ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s brain (starts at 3:54 mark) is bewildering. I guess on one level it makes sense that he needs to fool himself into believing everything will be alright since he acknowledges climate change is real while simultaneously heading a giant oil company. And that’s what makes him the highlight of this video, which is why I guess they kept focusing on his words, “we’ll adapt to that.” Adapt to that? We shouldn’t have to “adapt to that.” We shouldn’t accept a warming climate and more frequent and dangerous weather events because we were unable to change our energy consumption habits.

So I guess we should all get used to the idea of more heat waves, more droughts and more derecho storms? Alternatively, we could “adapt to” a new energy paradigm instead of an alien planet.

People like Tillerson have to make excuses for why the oil industry should continue with business as usual when we know it is polluting the environment and warming the planet. We are all complicit on one level or another, but personally I would rather adapt to a new energy future and whatever changes and potential hardship that requires than have to adapt to a warming and more violent planet earth.

Climate Change

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