Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Hires Muslim, Tea Party Bigots Go Insane

Tennessee Republicans and bat-shit-crazy Tea Party activists are steaming mad that their governor, a Republican, had the gall to hire a well qualified person to a government position. That well qualified person’s name is Samar Ali. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she’s a Muslim? Ah, now it makes more sense, right? Not really, but at least it’s not beyond the realm of expectations for a southern state.

These Republican bigots have five resolutions on the table asking the Republican Executive Committee to take action against Governor Haslam’s out of control administration. What could the governor have been thinking when he decided to hire the most qualified person without first asking for religious affiliation?

These Tea Party assholes say they have the United States Constitution on their side. A group called the 9.12 Project Tennessee says it’s committed to “restoring constitutional values” and they plan to fight the governor with an ad in the Tennessean. And they would have good reason to say they are committed to restoring constitutional values when you read lines like this in the constitution:

no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States

It appears this group is right on the money.

But there might be something positive we can take away from this story. A friend (who can remain nameless if he so chooses) said in an email, “The only thing surprising to me about this story is that there’s still someone left in TN who would think it’s ok to hire a Muslim with a ‘funny name’ to a government position at all. So maybe that’s the silver lining – not EVERYONE in that state’s government has their heads up their asses.”



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