Worst U.S. drought since 1956 could impact food prices and economy

File this one under "Extreme Weather," the same kind of extreme weather that climate scientists have long predicted. Of course I now have to write the obligatory blurb that no single event can be directly attributed to climate change. I have a feeling we might be saying that with greater frequency in the coming years. At what point can we put it to rest and actually start doing something about it? I mean big things. Things only governments have the power to do.

Drought In U.S. Now Worst Since 1956; Food Prices To Spike, Economy To Suffer
by Mark Memmott

NPR – July 17, 2012

With about 55 percent of the continental U.S. suffering from "moderate to extreme drought" conditions the nation is withering under conditions that haven't been this bad since 1956, according to a new report from National Climatic Data Center….



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