What’s Mitt Romney hiding? What’s in those tax returns?

If Mitt Romney’s argument is that he pays all the tax he is legally required to pay, then what’s the reason for not releasing more tax returns? And to be clear, there’s no reason to believe Romney is lying. It’s not like illegal activity is going to show up in a tax return. So then we are left to ask, what does Mitt not want us to see? The speculation is that in one or more years Romney’s tax liability was zero, and I think that is probably the most likely explanation. With prominent conservative voices joining liberals and Democrats asking Romney to release more tax returns, can he really keep dodging the issue? Can the Romney campaign really hold firm and continue to insist they will not release any more returns?

What’s hiding in Mitt’s taxes?
SALON.COM | JULY 16, 2012

Ed Gillespie got the most attention for telling CNN’s Candy Crowley that Mitt Romney “retired retroactivel… Read more


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