Romney needs to do less complaining, more explaining

So Mittens is complaining about totally legitimate questions being raised by the Obama administration, questions surrounding his time as CEO of Bain Capital. Never mind that this is the same Mitt Romney who has hurled lie after lie about President Obama. Never mind that this is the same Mitt Romney who likes to say Obama has “no record to run on.” It is Romney who has no record to run on, at least none he is willing to acknowledge as a member of this Republican Party.

It is Romney who is running away from his record. He’s running away from his record at Bain (at least the parts he doesn’t want you to know about) and he is running even further away from his record as governor of Massachusetts, including his signature accomplishment of universal health care (Romneycare).

Mitt Romney needs to do a little less whining about critiques to his record and instead he needs to do a LOT more explaining of his record and why it will make him a better president. Romney can’t just say, “I’ve worked in the private sector so I know how the economy works,” he needs to provide concrete examples of his record and why his policies will create jobs.

Until such time, Romney just looks desperate to get his campaign back on message. But it’s that very message that is now in peril if Mittens doesn’t start doing some explaining and instead continues to cry foul, take his ball, and go home. Which come to think of it, isn’t such a bad idea.

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