Bush tax cuts – Looks like Obama and Democrats might be serious this time

This is what I’ve been waiting to hear.

Although the wording is still a bit vague and could allow a backtrack, we finally are starting to get a sense that Obama and Democrats are going to grow a spine this time when in comes to the Bush tax cuts. Obama and Democrats have to be willing to let the tax cuts expire for everyone if they are unable to convince Republicans to let them expire for top income earners only.

Right now you know Republicans think they are going to win his game again. You know they think Obama and Democrats are going to cave in, and for good reason, as this is how Republicans advance their agenda. Republicans are much more willing to play hardball, even if it means economic peril. Just look at their tactics during Obama’s entire first term.

Well this time Democrats need to play hardball, not to screw everyone on taxes, but to do what is right for the fiscal stability of the United States.

Sometimes the grown-ups have to make tough decisions.

Top Dem: No Chance We’ll Extend Tax Cuts For The Rich
TPM NEWS | JULY 16, 2012

There is absolutely no way President Obama or Democrats will permit the Bush- era tax cuts on high incomes to be extended, a party leader declared in … Read more


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