If a politician uses the phrase “the American people” one more time…

“Why and when did Politicians and TV news people start referring to ‘Americans’ as “The American People” and ‘People’ as “Folks”?”

I don’t have that much of an issue with saying “folks” instead of “people,” although it’s not my preference, but I do have an issue with the phrase “the American people.” I think my main issue with that phrase is that it’s always used (left or right) as a way to make the entire population of the country a unified block on whatever issue a politician happens to be pushing. Sure, they could do the same thing by just using the word “Americans,” but there’s something about turning that word into the phrase “the American people” that gets under my skin. Am I alone on this?

Oh, and somehow I always hear Speaker John Boehner’s voice when I see the phrase “the American people” in print. This is a treatable condition, right? Please tell me there is a drug for this affliction! And I apologize in advance if I’ve now passed it onto you! 🙂


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