Mitt Romney’s offer of government of billionaires, for billionaires, by billionaires

When we talk about money in politics we make an assumption that for money to be effective it requires the ignorance of many Americans. If every American was deciding who to vote for on the facts alone then money would not be a key factor in a presidential election or any election. If people ignored the political ads funded by millionaires and billionaires there would be nothing to worry about.

While the Right will never admit ignorance on the part of the American voter, I will! Hell, even most on the Left don’t like to admit this. And before you charge me with calling people stupid, I said no such thing. There’s a difference between being stupid and being ignorant. We know most people don’t pay attention to politics and government. We know there are people who will vote for Romney in this election who voted for Obama in the last election simply because they think, “it’s time for a change.” That doesn’t sound like an informed opinion, it sounds more like a gut feeling. We had 8 years of running the country on “gut feelings” under George W. Bush.

I said the Right will never admit ignorance on the part of the American voter, but Republicans and conservatives are quite transparent when it comes to who they pander to. Just look at Romney’s campaign in the past couple of weeks. Two mega fundraisers in which candidate Romney is living it up with millionaires and billionaires, including billionaire David Koch at his mansion in the Hamptons. We also saw the Romney family living the good life on vacation at their multi-million dollar estate in New Hampshire. The optics of this are clear. The Republican Party will soon nominate a candidate for president who is perfect for the millionaire and billionaire crowd. But can you identify with this lifestyle? More importantly, can Romney identify with you? It’s good work if you can get it, and I don’t begrudge anyone who is rich or wants to get rich, but can a person who has lived in this elite world his entire life really understand the struggles of the average American?

If you are going to vote in this election, and I highly suggest you do, may I also suggest that you formulate a list of reasons why one candidate is a better choice than the other.



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